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  Testing a lighting column    
Specification & How we test   Range

3 mm - 250 mm. Down to 2 mm

+ 0.1 mm OR + 0.05 mm
0.1 mm OR 0.05 mm
Lampost Testing
Our equipment measures metal thickness to determine wastage or corrosion. This is achieved accurately and quickly without removing surface coatings.

Coatings do not have to be removed - measures only metal thickness.

No grinding - minimum surface preparation.

Quick, accurate and reliable.

No false readings - repeatable results.

Greatly reduced inspection time and cost.

Measures on metals and some other materials.

Systematic wall thickness and corrosion monitoring.

Quality assurance metal thickness checks.

How We Test
Multi Wave Ultrasonic Testing
Please note:
All tests have their limitations and although
we test 16 critical points on the column, along
with a thorough visual inspection, it is still a
spot test and therefore impossible to examine
every millimetre of the structure.
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