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  Testing a lighting column    
  What We Do
We test metal thickness using a triple echo ultrasonic sensor.
Tubular and other enclosed structures such as pipes, tanks and canisters are prone to internal corrosion which is not visible externally.
Our precision instruments tests metal thickness as a key indicator of corrosion levels and structural condition.

The Technology

The sensor is hand held, noiseless and low voltage. Held lightly to the surface of a structure, it quickly takes a reading, ignoring paint or other coatings. It is non invasive and accurate to within 0.1 of a millimetre.

It is intrinsically safe and requires no operational shutdown, even when applied to surfaces containing volatile substances.

Our Clients
Our clients are often town and parish councils who require their lighting columns to be tested for public safety.
Specification & How we test
  You may not be aware that it is a requirement of some County Councils to have lighting columns tested before hanging baskets or other items are attached to them.

Lighting columns often rust internally which is invisible from the outside and can become dangerously thin.

The collapse of street lighting columns is a real threat. At Gateshead in March 1995 and in Westminster in January 1998 columns fell which led to one person dying and another suffering serious injuries.

Cubit ultrasonic can provide the answer

We use an ultrasonic device approved by the council.

Our ultrasonic equipment measures metal to 0.1 of a millimetre.

We take 16 readings on each column giving an accurate indication of the condition of each column.

We have provided this service now for over 10 years.
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